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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The King versus James Armstrong

Circular addressed to Alexander Fraser, Benjamin James, James McIntosh, residing in the Chickasaw and Choctaw towns.

Sirs:  It being the custom and interest of all nations to apprehend highway robbers who by force of arms strip travellers and enter the houses of citizens and plunder their most valuable effects, and even the horses which are so necessary for the support of their families, this is to inform you that a troup of these vagabonds have associated in this District to commit atrocities abovementioned and it is expected will shortly take the route of the Indian towns with their ill-gotten plunder to avoid their punishment imposed by the laws of all nations for such offences.

Under the impression I point out to your notice James Armstrong, and his two sons and a negro belonging to him, and likewise John and James Lovell, real and pretended brothers, and and James Blair, who have lately robbed many inhabitants of the District of their firearms, clothes, goods, saddles, bridles, horses, etc. to the end that should these villians who have committed these outrages against the peace of society and the majesty of the law appear at the Indian settlements yu might be pleased to have them arrested and with their booty conveyed under a strong guard to this District to receive the reward.

Have just learned that a certain Jeremiah Routh is an accomplice and has left this District with the effects plundered by Armstrong and companions.  I have also to request that you will not admit any person into your settlements unless provided with a passport in form.  Those to appear without such recommendations to be considered as vagabonds, disturbers of the public tranquility and the welfare of the society in general.

May God preserve you many years.

Fort Panmur at Natchez, Aug. 16, 1786.  P.D.

Such persons as may compose the escort of the prisoners and the property plundered will be amply recompensed for their service. _______________________ Signed:  Carlos de Grand-Pre.

McBee, May Wilson. The Natchez Court Records:  1767-1805.  Baltimore, MD. 1979, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.

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