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Monday, July 2, 2018

Politics of Summer

Garden-district cottage.
Cats on the porch.
Ancient oaks. Peaceful.

Tomatoes -- blood red --
and mayonnaise,
salted, peppered,
on the table.

Last week a feather
in the kitchen.
Yesterday a wing in the hall.

A cardinal batters
the bedroom window,
knocking to come in.
A wren batters from within.
How do I get out?
How did you get in?

Last night, a fight. Barking
In the den.  Flick the light
and then, a raccoon
dashes for the door.

Soon half a squirrel,
intestines twirled
on the front steps. Cats
draped on benches,
lick themselves.

Sweet scent of summer
Smells like death.

~ Elodie Pritchartt