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Friday, May 6, 2016

Tate Taylor wants us to vote for Darryl Grennell for Mayor of Natchez. So do I.

Without Darryl, the movie would not have been filmed in Natchez. I thought, “This guy should be running this town.”  
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Get on Up and Elect Darryl Mayor!
Letter to the Voters of Natchez from Director,  Tate Taylor
To the Voters of Natchez:
Natchez NEEDS Darryl Grennell to be the next Mayor of Natchez, and here’s why:
When I was working so hard to make NATCHEZ the location for filming Get On Up! I faced many obstacles, both in the city and from Hollywood. Natchez is not the first choice when it comes to setting up a project like this in terms of resources, community support, or accessibility.
When I met Darryl everything changed.
He was assertive, efficient and sophisticated in his approach to solving potential problems in a way that worked for both local businesses and the interests of Get On Up!. 
I thought to myself, “This guy should be running this town.”  
Just for fun watch
the official trailer again!
From left:Mr. Boseman as James Brown and director Tate Taylor on the set of 'Get on Up.' 
Darryl saw the potential for the city both in terms of financial gain and community growth. He is a selfless advocate for Natchez and a trusted friend. He helped this
community shine in the eyes of the world when it came to hospitality and business savvy.
Without Darryl, the movie would not have been filmed in Natchez.  
The filming of Get On Up! not only brought international attention to Natchez,
it also brought new revenue and created jobs.  
Please join me in supporting Darryl for Mayor. 
Elect him to help us build the Natchez we all know we can have!
Tate Taylor, Director
The Help • Get On Up!