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Friday, January 8, 2016

Lieutenant Liberty Freedom - Tom Ramsey

Okay, y'all.  I usually stay away from news and politics on my blog, but this guy is seriously funny and talented.  No matter how you feel about the Oregon Militia Siege, this is some funny stuff.  

Tom is from Jackson, Mississippi, where, according to his website,  he is a chef, sommelier, restaurateur, writer and media personality. At his 
“day job” as Chef and founder
of st├Ąge popups, he travels and cooks with chefs far better than he.
I stumbled across him when a friend posted one of Tom's hilarious videos.
See, Tom, also studied communications, film and theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi.
He's smart, he's talented and he's funny.
Now for your viewing enjoyment, please check out the following videos about the patriot siege in Oregon.

To watch more of Tom's videos, go here!