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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Versace: Good Will Ambassador

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So this morning, my mail lady knocked on the door to deliver a certified letter. The dog was going nuts, so I asked her to step inside so it wouldn't get out.
"Girl or a boy?" she asked.
"What is her name?"
"Satchie," I replied.
"Oh! A Russian name!"
"Well, it's short for Versace. She's a puggle -- a designer breed, so we named her after a designer."
Noticing her accent, I asked if she was Russian.
"No, I am from Israel."
"What brought you to Natchez?"
"I've been here about a year. I had read about the town and came to see it."
"You've been here a year? How do you like it?"
"I LOVE it, she said. I love small towns and this one is very beautiful and the people are very nice."
"Well, goodness. How nice!"
"My friend from Israel just came here yesterday to see me."
"Well, you two have a Happy Hannukah," I said and smiled.
She looked so surprised that I'd said that.
"Thank you," She said, "And you have a very merry Christmas."
See folks? That wasn't hard. Nobody's holiday is under attack and it's okay to be nice to people.
Happy holidays, everyone.

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