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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Winter is a sigh,
a surrender
a secret whispered in
the creak of trees,
bones that bend
and sometimes break
in the breeze.
She shuffles in
On her walker,
Carried by the scent
Of burnt hearths
And hearts that
No longer quicken
At the promise
Of tomorrow
She sleeps
later every year
And fades
Like photographs
Too long in the sun
Each memory
A blow, the trail
Of a tear that’s
Forgotten why
It’s crying.
~ Elodie Pritchartt, October 29, 2014

A Winter's Tale

In the quiet morning
beneath the cashmere calm,
behind the dog's soft snoring
and the purring knead of pinked flesh,
a chill threatens from the door
that won't quite close.

The wind teases
the cracks around the casement,
searches for purchase on the slippery ledge,
its sucking need just outside.

The winter sky has gone
dull white, a rictus that sucks
the color from the earth.
And no thousand trees' brown
fingers can pull it back.

Something perches on the sill,
spies through the shutters,
ruffles it feathers and waits
for the shattering.

Poor Monster.

It is consumed with lonely
and it wants only
you. Wrap yourself in dread
and wait for the final signal bell.

The last train leaves at dusk.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Natchez Kittens in Desperate Need of Home

Have you seen the “W” kitties?
They have lived in the NACHS Shelter for most of their little lives. Until a week ago they had never seen the sun, never felt the cool grass beneath their paws, and never had the freedom to run.
The fact that the “W” kitties have been in a cage most of their little lives is not their only setback. They have the unfortunate “luck” to be born with a neurological problem. In other words they don’t always land on their paws like most kitties. (They appear to have gotten into a little wine!) These lovable kittens have a little trouble walking, jumping, and playing; but they are survivors!
Wardell (solid black) is the one that was tested in order to identify the cause of the coordination problems he and his brothers were having. Even though he went through painful testing, he still loves people. Wardell is also the first to venture out and try new things. He is the leader of the pack!
Wayne is the only black and white kitty. He is the lover boy!! He will curl up against your leg; look up at you with his eyes saying,” I love you.” Then he will rub his little head against your hand.
Wade (solid black) is loves to snuggle and he especially loves belly rubs. Wade likes to play and chase his brothers.
Waldo (solid black) was the timid one. Now he is very visible and having a grand time. His lack of coordination is the most noticeable. His rear end has a hard time following his front which causes him to occasionally tumble; however, he gets up and tries again.
I have the privilege of fostering these precious “drunk” kitties and have enjoyed every moment. They have been neutered, had shots, and want someone to love. They are litter box experts and have no other problems except slight coordination difficulties. They need to be indoor kitties or in a fenced in yard (they are unable to climb).
Immediate short term foster care or loving homes URGENTLY needed.
Please see them before saying "no".