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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Teeny Problem

Well, I knew the time would come, and it has.  We've sold my father's house, and now have to cull through a hundred fifty years of family furniture, mementos, photos and memories and decide what to take and what to give up.  It will be painful parting with things I've known all my life but the house I'm moving into is much, much smaller than this one, so I've no choice.  But frankly the older I get, the more zen I become, wanting to pare down and not be owned by possessions.

But the most painful paring of all will be parting with my father's beloved dogs.  The closer my dad got to his death, the more concerned he became for the lives of other creatures sharing our world.  He lived in the country where people often drive up, stop the car, shove a dog out onto the road and drive off.  Inevitably, the dogs would find his house, following some scent or sense that this was a safe haven.  In fact, he liked to refer to his place as "Cur Haven" rather than the stuffy "Grafton" it had been dubbed years ago.  He never turned away a hungry dog.

The dog in this picture was part of a litter of puppies that we found in the field by the front gate.  They were wild and wouldn't let us catch them, but my dad persevered and was finally able to grab this one, tiny pup.  He was starving and frightened and very sick.  We took him to the vet and got medication for him and dubbed him Teeny.

Well, Teeny's not so teeny anymore.  He's grown and healthy and friendly as can be.  He's also BEAUTIFUL! And now with me moving, he also has a not-so-teeny problem.  He needs to find a forever home.  He's been neutered but probably needs his shots again.  I've also got some dogs that have killed cats before, and although Teeny isn't one of them, he's never encountered one, so I can't say how he'd behave.  He'd be great with kids.  He loves everyone.   If anyone would like to give Teeny a forever home, please contact me at  Please also see my posts about Whitey and Brownie.  They are also looking for homes.

Please also see my posts about Whitey and Brownie.  They are also looking for homes.

How to Pick out the Best Oranges

So a few days ago,  I'm at work and the phone rings:

Boyfriend: Dee, I'm at the grocery store. Do you want me to get anything?

Me: Um....hmm....Yes. Can you get some oranges, please?

Boyfriend: Okay. Bye.

Ring, ring! 

Me: Hello?

Boyfriend: What kind of oranges do you want?


Boyfriend: They have two kinds. Navel and Valencia.

Me: I dunno. Get some of both. But make sure you get the ones with the thin skin.

Boyfriend: What?

Me: Get the ones with the thin skin.

Boyfriend: Thin Skin? How am I supposed to know which ones have thin skin?



Me: They're the ones that cry easily.

Boyfriend: What?

Me: They cry easily. When you tease them.

Boyfriend: Click.


Thin-skinned oranges