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Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebration of LIfe - Howard Pritchartt, Jr.

On March 9, Howard Pritchartt, Jr.'s family and friends gathered for a celebration of his life.  My father's one request for his funeral was that he have no preachers speaking over him.  So instead, we simply invited one and all who knew him to come up and tell a story.

It started off with a beautiful eulogy by my dear friend, Brent Bourland.  After that, we all told some stories, remembered the wonderful times.  It got downright silly at times, and after it was all over, we all agreed he would've approved.

For anyone who'd like to hear what kind of man Howard was, this is worth watching -- some of it sad, some of it amazing, and a whole lot of wicked funny.

Because my father's life was defined by his days on the Mississippi River, we ended it with a gorgeous a capella rendition of Old Man River.  Enjoy.

Video created and produced by: 

Bill Slatter Video Productions
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