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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Enough

At your cousin's wedding
your mother and her sisters
talked of husbands no longer there.
Their eyes whispered,

"Do not be so cautious,
for even love that lasts
is lost."

They wore bangles
bought by men
they thought they would know
dresses made of silk
they would trade for one last

A diamond for a touch,
for one warm breath upon a face
lined by time.

A thousand recollections
floating in a champagne stem,
held in trembling hands
that once touched
skin and lips and
never thought about

Let us love, you and I,
while we have time
and life and each other,
and drink a toast
to remember.


In a Dream

In a Dream

At dawn when the fog
lay heavy on the lake
and sounds were muffled,
I picked blackberries
In a dream.

The world was soft and white,
no vivid blue sky to
sear my eyes and make
them tear.  I stood where
the bluff sloughed off into
emptiness, and peered down
to see if I could find myself.

I listened, but heard only
The grass whispering, shhhh,
Its lilting voice urging calm.
I saw a jeweled coil
At my feet, and thought
It was a gift from you.

I reached, but it moved,
And before I knew what
Tricks can lie in fog-shrouded
Dawns and dreams, it struck 

And as I fell headfirst into
Whiteness, I woke, in sheets
That wrapped me up in dread.
Our bed.  In white.