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Friday, August 31, 2012

Living Interracial: Lloyd and Nancy Johnson

Lloyd "Teddy" and Nancy Johnson have been married for nearly 35 years, and run well-known blues bar 'Teddy's Juke Joint'  in Zachary, Louisiana.  Teddy's is one of the last authentic juke joints on the old Blues Highway 61.

"The couple said they have experienced a great deal of harassment over the years, especially in the beginning of their relationship. Despite those hardships, the two remain committed to each other and their business."~ Kevin McQuarn, Online Entertainment Editor/Chief Videographer
Producer/Host of 2theMovies
The Advocate

Used with permission

I've been to Teddy's several times. (see Ann Vidal's Wild Ride, April, 2010) Teddy and Nancy have created a fun, funky atmosphere where people play the blues but seldom feel it.  It's a good vibe.