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Friday, December 2, 2011

Who Are They? Old Natchez Photographs

 These first five were taken at 203 Clifton Avenue, Natchez, MS Circa 1907-09

Annet Pritchartt on far left; Corrine Wade (Cora) on far right.

Corrine Wade on left; Annet Pritchartt on right

Annet Pritchartt in rear looking down; girl on right with finger in mouth is Corrine (Cora) Wade.  Born 1897 and lived at 207 Clifton Avenue.  Cora had a sister, Clara, born in 1895.  Corrine had a son with C.V. Hollis -- Claiborne Hollis, a financial consultant in Natchez who still lives at 207 Clifton.  I think Corrine died after giving birth to Claiborne, and I remember Miss Clara living at 207 Clifton.  She had two large Magnolia trees in her front yard in whose strong, gentle branches I spent many an hour climbing and playing.

Rear right in sailor dress is Annet Pritchartt; far right with dog in her lap is Corrine Wade.

The next series of photographs says "House Party, Martin, Mississippi, July 1909

Man on right tentatively identified as William Evans Dean 1874-1956.  He married Anna Trimble.

 Annet on far left - next to her Corrine Wade.  Girl on far right end believe to be  Clara Wade her sister.

Caption for this picture said, "Our chaperones."

For more photos, please also see Matters Familias - The Long Farewell.

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