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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Natchez Court Records 1767-1805: Horse Trading

This case surprised and pleased me greatly.  I really didn't think slaves would be given any consideration, whatsoever, but this case clearly shows that much consideration was given to a sense of fairness to this one, a woman, to boot.

p. 356.  Negress Amy versus the heirs of Asahel Lewis.

Petitioner represents that her former master gave her, in recompense of her service one horse which she has in her possession but finding that the heirs of her sd master intend to deprive her of the said horse, begs that Mr. William Collins and Mr. Abner Phipps give their declaration before Mr. Ezekiel Forman, Esq. of what they know of the right to the said horse, to the end that title to the horse may be confirmed.

She signed with a mark.  April 23, 1794.

Ezekiel Forman will take declaration on same.

Owing to the illness of Mr. Forman, this is transferred before G. Benoist, Esq.

This is to certify that I went to trade with Mr. Lewis for his black horse but he said I must apply to Amy for him for he had given her the said horse.

Sig:  Wm. Collins.  Pine Ridge, 24, Apr. 1794.  Before me, Gabriel Benoist.

Personally appeared Abner Pipes, Jr. who, on oath, declared that he once heard the late Asahel Lewis, speaking to the negro woman, Amy, refer to the black horse as hers.  Signed.

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