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Monday, February 22, 2010

Matters Familias ~~ Howard Pritchartt ~~ Adventures in World War II

*Photo by Hannah Reel for The Natchez Democrat.  Republished with permission.

With an article coming up in The Natchez Democrat as well as a recently published article in Country Roads, my dad, Howard Pritchartt, Jr., is getting quite a bit of exposure this month.  The following is a video by Natchez resident Bill Slatter, who is interviewing World War II veterans in the area.

Click on the links to see the other stories.

Video created and produced by:

Bill Slatter Video Productions
423 Main Street
Natchez, Mississippi 39120
(601) 446-9401

Many thanks to Michael Norell for putting it on You Tube for me. I owe you one, Michael.


  1. Priceless! I'm all chocked up...I'd love to sit on that front porch and listen to your dad's stories. Please give him my regards, and thanks for fighting for this country.
    God bless him, he looks great!

  2. wow that is so impressive about your dad. thanks for posting.

  3. OH THis was such a wonderful thing that you did, Thank you for sharing it.
    Diane M

  4. Thank you for sharing.... Like listening to my own dad one more time and yes brought tears, dad was at .camp Shelby too had stories of guarding Nazi soldiers.....My Pritchartt's remarks of the methods of incineration, the devastation and how the atomic bomb saved lives highlight the horrors of war but his humor and capacity to make do characterize the greatness of his generation and great America's like him.