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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ferriday Songfest Brings Out the Talent in Everyone

It felt like the day after Christmas this morning as attendees and hit songwriters dragged their bags and guitar cases through the lobby and out the door of The Grand Soliel. Unlike the night before, we were quiet, letting the Sunday-morning letdown settle in on us like a dreary winter afternoon. Saturday night's Yin was replaced with Sunday morning's Yang and we all went back to where we came from.

But attendees at Saturday's events were going back home armed with critiques of their songs, suggestions, and new ideas on which to build their skills.

And the music! All I can say is that if you weren't there, you missed something rare and wonderful. Some of the most talented and successful songwriter/musicians in the music industry played alongside songwriting hopefuls with talent to spare and enthusiasm for their craft. Click on the videos below for a sample of each songwriter performing their own hit songs.

Shantybellum joins Ferriday in thanking the following songwriters for coming to town and generously sharing their expertise, talent and experiences with those who hope to join them in success. To learn more about these talented people, click on their names.

Also on hand at the songwriters workshop was Lynn Ourso, music director at Louisiana's Office of Entertainment Industry Development. Ourso presented Tommy Polk with the official state resolution declaring 2010 as The Year of the Song. Ourso joined Tommy and Country Boy Mark Porter to take a little tour to see and hear about Ferriday's plans to return to its roots and become recognized as a music-tourism destination for music lovers the world over. To read more on Ferriday's plans, go here.