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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Battle of the Belles

Our friend Gary alerted us to a delicious article reposted in Time magazine about the acrimony between the Garden Clubs here in Natchez in th 1940s. You can read it here. A paragon of humility, Gary wants it known that it wasn't he who found the article, but our friend Ann. We love you anyway, Gary.

When I showed the story to my father today, he told me that they used to have the pageant in the building that used to be the Natchez museum and has now been renovated as the Federal Courthouse.

"There was a piano in there that belonged to the Natchez Garden Club. I remember someone scratched Nazi Garbage Club into it."

Oh, my! Those women HATED each other.


  1. Of course, they gave the wrong state - Mass instead of Miss. Can't imagine two more different states.

  2. Yeah, after the big split, Mrs. Miller wanted a picture of my grandmother at The Elms. The only picture she had was with her and her two friends who stayed with the Natchez Garden Club, so Mrs. Miller took the picture and had the other two ladies made into trees. She didn't want any Natchez Garden Club ladies in _her_ book! LOL!