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Monday, February 9, 2009

...first things first

*Posted by Tommy

Elodie has been really putting some thought into the page and has come up with some really great ideas to add interesting and relevant content for those interested in Natchez as a tourist destination. I've come up with a few, myself, but none as gifted as Elodie's. That said, check back this week for some really cool, interesting things and please add to it as you see fit. This week Shantybellum has guests in for the Blues Foundation shindig in Memphis, Valentine lovebirds from Jackson and a mother and two sons on a cultural-heritage tour flying into and out of Jackson. She'll be visiting many sites other than Jackson -- Natchez, Indianola's BB King Museum, Clarksdale, Vicksburg, etc. The one common thread that excites me is none of them are coming to Natchez for the houses; it's to party, to learn and to love. Now THAT is a tourist destination, my friends. Let's build onto that and keep the area as the focus; not focus on one part of the area.

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