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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mississippi Greetings - Sandy Ego

Our friend Keith Benoist -- writer, adventurer, philosopher and photographer extraordinaire -- sent us this photo this morning.  You know deer season's over when the antlers fall.  And how often do you find them in such a picturesque place as this?

One of the most amazing photographs I've ever seen was taken by Keith on Rockefeller Refuge in Louisiana.  It shows an alligator chomping down on a snake as the snake rears up to bite the alligator.

You can view the picture as well as read his excellent article about the refuge at Country Roads Magazine by clicking here. 

Keith was born on Ashiya Air Base, Fukuoka, Japan, ten years to the day after the first nuclear detonation at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Left handed, right brained, and frequent  wrong turns. Strong proponent of women’s liberation (twice divorced), and ecological stewardship. A photographer since age seven, he’s also a former hunting guide, photo editor, and survivor of several near lightning strikes and a rattlesnake bite which earned for him the cognomen, ‘One Fang.’ Lives in Natchez, Mississippi, for the moment because, “Somebody has to.”