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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mississippi Artists - Jane Rule Burdine

Jane Rule Burdine is an artist and photographer in Taylor, Mississippi.  Her photographs of the people and places in our fair state are wonderful windows on the soul of the South.  Jane Rule's book, Delta Deep Down, is an amazing collection of many of her photographs with a personal introduction by Indianola, Mississippi- born novelist Steve Yarbrough.  I found the following clip on You Tube from Mississippi Public Broadcasting's Southern Expressions with host Ron Brown.


  1. I love the crack in her windshield!

  2. So do I, Casey. I laughed right out loud when I saw it.

  3. Save me a place, a Jimmy Shack and I promise to drink out of my own jug. LOL

  4. I still have a photo she gave me when we went to UM together in 1970.