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Friday, October 23, 2009

Second annual Ferriday Songfest Songwriters' Workshop

Shantybellum is excited. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., five hit songwriters will converge at the Arcade Theater in Ferriday, Louisiana, to impart their songwriting wisdom on hopeful songwriters from Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.

Returning this year will be Odie Blackmon, Tia Sillers, and Tommy Polk, joined by first-time panelists Mark Selby and Byron Hill. These talented, successful writers and producers, all with decades of experience in the music industry will tell it like it was, like it is, and how they got into the game of songwriting and stayed there.

To learn more and sign up for the workshop, visit It's only $20. You can also read about it in the Natchez Democrat here.

Here's what one songwriter says about last year's workshop:

Attending Ferriday songfest was one of the greatest things I have done yet. The panel of people you get to spend the day with is priceless. Since the day I met Tommy Polk, he has been a friend. Ralph Murphy is one of the
most knowledgeable people I have been fortunate enough to meet, whom I met in Ferriday. I love you Ralph!!

During the lunch break of the day, I happened to sit down at the same table with a girl who ended up being a wonderful friend and who also introduced me to a Sony rep. I played for him and have been in touch with him ever since. I want to thank Tommy Polk for creating such great opportunities for aspiring writers such as myself to get in front of an amazing panel of people. I hope to make it next year!

Since attending the Ferriday songfest, last year I have been very fortunate to meet and collaborate with some incredible writers and producers. With each trip to
Nashville, I learn so much from the different people I meet.

On my most recent trip to Nashville, I met with two publisher friends whom I have stayed in touch with for about a year now. I am able to send them my latest worktapes and they give me feedback. I have also had the opportunity to write with writers who have had multiple number ones and have a countless amount of experience.

Just being in Nashville itself is inspiring to me. I just recently started high school and even though we are only a few months into the year, I have already had lots of ideas for my hook book from what goes on. Over the summer I got to play and was interviewed in a radio segment and started my music myspace (myspace/haleygeorgiamusic) which led to booking my own shows. I also attend writers nights and joined the NSAI local chapter.

I am getting ready to head back to Nashville in early November for some writing, publisher meetings and some rounds. I feel with each trip I get closer to reaching my ultimate goals, as Ralph says, "You must be present to win."

Hope to see you guys in Nashville!!

~~ Haley Georgia Brucker

* Photo by Elodie Pritchartt